Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's been 11 days...

It's been 11 days since my first post.

Yet I haven't posted my "list." I have about 25 items on it, but intend on making more.

This big thing called life got in the way of me updating this.

We had my oldest's 4th birthday party and family in town. Then I did something to my back and was down (and very loopy) for a few days. I had an allergic reaction to one of the meds too which made me out for longer than I wanted.

So Tuesday it will start again. I'm going to give my back 1 more day to get it's act together and just do some little things around here while the hubs has off for the holiday.

But I will be back!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My quest

Today {January 6th, 2010} I am setting out on a quest. As a mom of two rambunctious little boys, we are always on a hunt for something. For most of the 4 years since my oldest was born, I have put myself on the back burner. With putting myself there, I inadvertently put other responsibilities there as well.

So now I'm going to change that.

How though? Little by little. I have all of these great ideas and a vision of how I'd like myself and my house to be eventually...but getting there in one leap would be daunting if not impossible. So I'm going to start small and build upon it.

I've never been one to have a super neat and tidy home (or bedroom growing up as I'm sure my own Super Mom mother would attest), but it's usually clean in the sense there isn't some unidentified fungus growing in the kitchen sink. I like to say it's sanitary but a chaotic mess.

So I'm working on my list of things that I want to accomplish and when I am done...or nearly'll be posted over on the side and you can watch my progress as I go. Keep me accountable!

My ultimate goals:
  • Have a neat and clean house before going to bed every night.
  • Have a financial budget that I actually follow instead of just make and look at.
  • Take care of myself and my own wants/needs.
  • Be happier (not that I'm not now, but there is always room for improvement.)
For now though I'm going to begin small so I don't become overwhelmed, discouraged, and drop out of the hunt. I'm going to start by making the beds every morning and putting a load of laundry in.

Baby steps...this isn't a race! But I will earn my Super Mom cape when it's all said and done with. I WILL earn my Super Mom piece of flair.